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Biothane Dog Ball Strap (STRAP ONLY)

Biothane Dog Ball Strap (STRAP ONLY)

Ball Strap Color
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This product is a biothane ball strap only - balls are not included!

Soft Biothane Strap that turns most balls with holes into a fun reward toy or training tool!

Soft on hands and easy to grip!

Won't tear or fray like traditional rope.

Long length giving you the option to cut down to preferred size.

Fits balls from 2" to 4"

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Biothane Dog Ball Strap Features


Our dog ball straps are made from Beta 520 Standard biothane. Each strap is approximetly 30" long and 5/8" wide. Straps can be cut to length.

Easy To Clean

Use soft soap and water to clean biothane ball strap. We also reccomend wiping down with disinfecting wipes.

How To Install

Installation Instructions.

Step 1
Feed the biothane ball strap through your dog ball.
Note: One end will have holes/slits, this is the end you will feed through the ball.
Step 2
Feed the short end of the biothane ball strap through the longer end of the strap.
Note: There will be two holes/slits on the longer end to accomodate 2" to 4" balls.
Step 3
Feed the long end of the biothane strap back through the smaller end of the strap.
Step 4
Tighten down the newly made knot.
Step 5
Tie a knot at the end of the strap and cut length as needed.
Step 6
Take outside and play with your dog!

Compatible Balls

Our biothane dog ball straps will fit most 2" to 4" balls with at least two holes. If you have questions about fitment or compatible balls, please email us for more information.

Turn that boring dog ball into stimulating training tool!

- Guaranteed to Increase Engagement!  -

Looking For Balls?

We offer Blue, Green and Orange Foam Training balls in two different sizes! Customize your ball and strap color combo to match your dog's collar, leash or harness!

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